PHP Encode/Decode Functions

Functions: These are basic string encoding/decoding functions I developed for use in flat-file data storage. They offer limited security to protect sensitive data from being viewed. Usage: Encode:



  Example #1: Encode:

Result: p3e4e4241674d2r4m4i5o464a4f2p3k5c2 Decode:

Result: Please Encode Me! Example #2: Encode:

Result: t3t5e434q494f2m4s5j5w544b4d2m3k5i2 Decode:

Result: […]

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Social Networking and Privacy

I’ve always been somewhat of a privacy advocate.  An introvert by nature, I don’t like people sticking their nose in my business.  It’s not because I have something to hide, or that I’m embarrassed of some aspect of my life.  I simply want to be left alone. When I’m alone, I’m in my comfort zone. […]

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